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Katy Howe is a London & Essex based multidisciplinary visual artist whose practice spans performance, installation, photography, moving image, sculpture and drawing. Formally trained as a dancer she examines themes of visibility, belonging, desire, and the sexed body within society. Howe’s background in dance and theatre echoes through her process and practise where she uses her body as both material and the locus for work, exploring notions of identity with particular focus on the female condition, sewn through with an autobiographical thread. 


Howe has a Masters in fine art from Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts, London (awarded with distinction).  She has exhibited and performed work in London and UK and has both exhibited and collaborated with Desperate Artwives Collective, and performed at Procreate Project’s “Oxytocin - Mothering the World” in conjunction with Birthrites Collection. Her 12 year dance career saw her working freelance in London and extensively throughout Italy, Japan and Macau, eventually becoming a dancer and soloist at the Moulin Rouge, Paris.

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